Get Haunted

Welcome to, a new Ghost hosting platform built by the gentlemen at Serversaurus.

Ghost is a new and minimal blogging platform, with a focus on writing and simplicity. Combining a split composition window, easy to learn Markdown syntax and simple drop in images, Ghost makes blogging fun again. lets you quickly and easily launch complete NodeJS hosting instances of the Ghost blogging engine. Each blog you create is a fresh instance of Ghost, which you can customise with your own fully qualified domain (ie., and even add your own themes. Eventually we'll allow greater customisation through the addition of your own plugins.

The management console allows you to create up to five separate blogs, bounce to the login area, delete, or restart your Ghost instance.

For the technically interested, was written at Electron Workshop in Go & AngularJS, and resides on the Serversaurus cloud, located in Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to contact us via the Contact link on the top right of this page. is in no way affiliated with Ghost Foundation.